glass table tops

Round Glass Table Tops

Being the most popular type of glass used for tabletops, round glass makes for a beautiful addition to any home or living space. Choosing a glass top to suit your needs is easier than ever. With our wide selection of round glass table tops, you are bound to find something perfect. Whether you need a small twelve-inch top to freshen up your end tables or a 72-inch top to rejuvenate your dining space, we've got it all.

Available in a range of sizes, our round glass table tops are customizable according to thickness as well as edging. With thicknesses ranging from 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch you are guaranteed to find a top that is sturdy enough to meet your needs. Our glass is cut with the finest attention to detail and this care is evident in our gorgeous edging options. Whether you want a clean pencil polished edge or an artful one-inch bevel, we can provide the edging you desire. Although the beveled edge is the most popular for our round glass table tops, we also offer the unique ogee and wave edges, as well as a simple flat polished edge. With so many wonderful combination possibilities, you are bound to be satisfied with our tops.

Glass Tops In The Home

The decision to go glass in your home is a wonderful one that will have your family and guests raving about how amazing your space looks. Nothing seems as stunning as a gorgeous piece of glass, cut to perfection and shining in clarity. A glass table top is not only easy to clean and maintain, it is also a beautiful statement about the quality craftsmanship that you desire in your home. Check out our selection of round glass table tops and decide for yourself if glass is the clear choice for you.